Aesop had his fables. Hans Christian Andersen had his fairy tales. Now Mickey McGuire has his “fake news” letters to the editor.

In the Sept. 10 letters, McGuire contended he had rebutted a fellow letter writer’s claim that the Biden Administration had released thousands of COVID-infected illegal immigrants into the U.S.

McGuire is right—in a very minor sense. Biden hasn’t released thousands of COVID-infected illegal immigrants into the U.S.; he has released tens of thousands of COVID-infected illegal migrants.

It amazes me that McGuire, with his two college degrees, thinks he can get away with telling an absolute and verifiable falsehood and backing it up with an amen chorus of three lying, left-wing “fact-check” organizations.

Here’s some truth. Mark Morgan, the former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), said the Biden administration has placed at least 40,000 illegal immigrants with the coronavirus into American cities (Yahoo News, Aug. 12). Morgan added that this is a conservative figure.

At the same time, Biden is lecturing Americans to take the jab and mask up (and telling us he’s run out of patience), he’s sending COVID-infected illegal migrants all over the United States.

To date, 32 CBP personnel have died from COVID in the line of duty and thousands more have been pulled out of service because of their illnesses from handling migrants with the virus, Morgan said.

NBC News (Aug. 7) reported that 18% of migrant families leaving Border Patrol custody had tested positive for COVID in the past two to three weeks.

The city of Laredo, Texas is refusing to take in migrants bused from the border after discovering 40% of them tested positive for COVID (Washington Examiner, Aug. 11).

Biden deserves scorn for dismantling President Trump’s border protection policies during a pandemic, causing death and illness to many Americans.

Stephen Wampler, Tracy

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