My alarm goes off at 9 a.m. I go to the gym and swim for an hour. After working out I meet my girlfriends for coffee for at least 2 hours of chatting and planning our next 10-day vacation. Followed by a massage, a facial, a pedicure and an afternoon of shopping and cocktails.

If by chance you are a partner of a Realtor, a child of a realtor or even a friend of a realtor, you can testify that this is a dream and/or fantasy of a Realtor.

So let me share with you what a realistic day of a Realtor is. My alarm goes off at 6 a.m. As I get out of bed I check my phone for calls, text messages, and emails. I grab my earpiece prior to getting in the shower so just in case I get a call, text, or email I can multitask being on my phone without anyone knowing I might be in the shower. Thank gosh our phones are finally waterproof. During the short sale market, I dropped two phones in water while cleaning. One phone went in the bathtub and the other while wearing my earpiece fell in the toilet. Believe it or not my client and I were still talking while the phone almost disappeared down the drain.

Getting showered, dressed, makeup and hair only takes 30 minutes. I then go to the kitchen to get my tea and possibly some fruit prior to stepping in my office. I have already gone through my calendar and can see that I am back-to-back on appointments, meetings, and conference calls. My appointments include showing property over several hours, a listing appointment towards days end and two conference calls in between that I can take from the road on my cell phone. I go through my checklist to make sure I have everything I need because I will not have any time to return to the office if I forgot anything. (Side note: Do you know how organized you need to be to make all this look seamless?)

As Realtors, we all need to bring our “A-Game” at all times. We need to look good, smell good, smile and be pleasant, negotiate the absolute best deal even when we are working in 106-degree weather thanks to summers in the Central Valley.

I am sure by now you have noticed that I have not mentioned eating, drinking, shopping, spa time or vacations. We as Realtors have the pleasure of eating on the run or in our car. If we do have the pleasure of a sit-down meal in a restaurant it is probably a business luncheon or dinner with a client. It may also be a meeting where we are being introduced to another disclosure, advisory or contract change. Not to mention updated laws, codes, or the latest market shift. Many of us do our best to have dinner with family and friends as much as possible. However, after dinner many of us have scheduled evening appointments or calls.

You may be asking yourself, why would anyone want to become a Realtor? That is an easy question to answer: “We love what we do!” Helping buyers and sellers with all their real estate needs is a privilege, an honor and sense of accomplishment when the real estate universe lines everything up.

Bottom Line:

So, the next time you see your Realtor shopping at Walmart or Safeway at 11:59 p.m. prior to closing, please forgive them and offer grace if they quickly say hello and run by you. They are only trying to get a few more things for their children’s lunch, a client appointment, or possibly a birthday card for their mom that cannot be late. I can assure you just wait a few days, and I am sure you will get a kind card or note from your realtor sending you some love.

• Donna A. Baker, CRS ABR SFR CDPE is the Broker-Owner of At Home Real Estate Group selling real estate for 21 years. Her memberships include National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Certified Residential Specialists, Central Valley Association of Realtors, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Certified Distressed Property Expert®, and Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource. In addition, Donna teaches monthly at the Central Valley Association of Realtors New Realtor Member Orientation and serves as the Chairman for the Tracy Real Estate Marketing Council and as a Board member for the McHenry House a local rehab shelter.

Donna has lived in Tracy since 1989 with her patient husband Tom of 32 years and has two awesome children, Trevor and Ally. Contact her at

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