Dear Tracy Residents,

It’s that time of year again, to celebrate the formation of our country. Each year Americans gather with friends and families to rejoice in the country we call home.

Each year, Animal Services gears up for the firework festivities that happen on the 4th of July. This year we wanted to reach as many of our community members as possible and provide further information, additional resources, and some basic tips in order to best prepare for your furry family members.

Microchipping your animal and having a collar with identification are the two most important things an animal owner can provide for their animal. From there, ensuring that the animal has a place where they feel most comfortable – a crate, laundry room, bathroom, etc. that is set up for comfort with the sound of music or a loud fan with a nice chew toy – all goes toward helping an animal feel safe and calm during any loud commotion or celebration.

If, by unfortunate circumstances, your animal is frightened by the fireworks and becomes lost, please go to the City of Tracy’s website at to fill out a Lost Report that you then can send to Tracy Animal Services. If you are a citizen that has found an animal and are able to keep it safe, Tracy Animal Services is requesting assistance from our community and asks you to hold onto the pet for 24 to 48 hours, as that is a common time frame for to dogs be reunited with their owners. If you do find a dog, please go to the website and complete a Found Report. Tracy Shelter staff will be closely monitoring all lost and found reports in order to best reunite families with their pets.

Another resource that we highly recommend is going to social media. Below are the Tracy specific Lost & Found Facebook groups. Posting a picture and location of where a dog was found is extremely helpful and this has been found to have huge successes in the reunification process.

On average (from 2015 to 2020) Tracy Animal Services takes in 17 dogs a week. During the week of July 1 through July 7, Tracy Animal Services average dog intake increases to 28 to 29 dogs. We would like to add on a positive note that our intakes during the week of July 1 through July 7 have steadily decreased (YAY to our great animal owners and community members!), however we still believe it is best practice to provide a friendly reminder each year.

Tracy Animal Services remains appointment only, however staff will be focusing on all phone calls and emails sent to We are highly recommending that the public contact our shelter through email, as it is an easier form for us to communicate and multitask with other responsibilities.

We hope everyone has a safe and sane Fourth of July!

• Brittany Pasquale is the City of Tracy Animal Services Supervisor. To learn more about the shelter at 2375 Paradise Ave. and animal resources – or to just say “Hi” – call 209-831-6364 or contact Tracy Animal Services at or on Facebook and Instagram.

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