Presidentially, I promise to show the paste-eater all due respect “the resistance” showed “The Cheeto Man” these past four years.

Former Press editor Langley wrote, “I am an unapologetic proponent of our 1st Amendment….” Gets ze (my gender pronoun) hot babe but why change now?

In irrelevant news, 74 million voters alienated because of alleged misdeeds. Ironically, neocon HillaryC hawked, “Voting is the most precious right of every citizen and we have a moral obligation to insure the integrity of our voting process.”

The majority of Chief Justice John Robert’s Supremes refused the Texas’ filing “due to lack of standing.” If the Supreme Court won’t resolve issues between states, do we go to the mattresses? Why is there a SCOTUS? Dear John, like all RINOS, the right doesn’t trust you & the rest never will. Example; Benedict Arnold’s life after his infamy.

A British emperor said to the rebel alliance, “A traitor is everyone who does not agree with me.” I’m looking forward to re-education camp as ex-CIA Director Brennan flogs because I didn’t get to go as a kid, and to being held accountable by a Truth & Reconciliation Commission as plugged by former Labor Secretary Reich because I missed out on Mandela’s in S. Africa, and by ex-bartender tabloid economist AOC listing the right-wingers needing to suffer ... because suffering helps unity, amongst sufferers ….

The paste-eater says part of his plan is to “get direct financial relief” to those who need it most. $1,200 mailed stimulus cards. Didn’t Pelosi state $1,000 bonuses were crumbs? Speculating the $200 made the difference. Does the future interest burden matter to children? Not yet.

Per NPR, for 1½ years Biden campaigned on having a contagion plan ready. Today he states, “… because there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

It’s all better now though. The inauguration ended, COVID expired and restaurants should operate as usual politicos say in WA, MI, Chicago etc. California too?

Dale Cose, Tracy

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"Looking forward for your re-education"? That implies you were educated to begin with, which I have not seen much evidence of.

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