I disagree with the Press editor’s “fact check” that migrants across the border had a positivity rate for COVID-19 of less than six percent.

The fact-check, done by the New York Times, quoted Bob Fenton, the acting administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) testimony to Congress.

Let’s start with the Press’ fact-check sources – the New York Times and Fenton. The Times is a highly liberal Democratic newspaper that last endorsed a Republican for president (Dwight Eisenhower) in 1956. Fenton is a career bureaucrat—and most likely would like to keep his job.

Here are my sources: 1) House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said doctors at the Mexico-Texas border told him 10 percent of illegal immigrants are testing positive for COVID-19.

2) We should all laugh at Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen “I’ll circle back to you” Psaki, who recently clowned herself. After Fox News’ Peter Doocy said illegal aliens are testing positive for COVID at twice the national average, Psaki said she would refer Doocy to the Customs and Border Patrol for the numbers.

Doocy replied: “That’s who gave us the numbers.” Ha, ha, ha. I’ll trust doctors and the border patrol over the Times and a bureaucrat.

According to the Washington Times (March 7), the director of a food bank and shelter in Harlingen, Texas said migrants dropped there had a 25 percent COVID positivity test rate.

Whether the COVID positive migrant rate is less than six percent (Times and Press belief) or ten percent (my belief), the bottom line is that thousands and soon tens of thousands of COVID infected migrants are being scattered around the U.S. because of Biden during a pandemic.

The actions of Biden and the Democrats – to cause more American people to be infected and die – are beyond vile and evil.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

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