When tents first started popping up in El Pescadero Park, with the covid stay in place directive last year, we understood that this would be a TEMPORARY situation. It’s been over a year and a half, and the number of tents has at least quadrupled. I invite everyone, especially our city council members, to drive by OUR neighborhood park... And ask yourselves, would you be ok if this was happening in your neighborhood? Are you ready to give up your park?

My friends and neighbors would like our park back. A park where my kids grew up playing and now, I have to explain to my grandsons that the park is not safe. After living in this area for 37 years, we now have to drive to your neighborhood park instead of going to the one that’s only a few blocks away (that we help pay for with our property taxes).

Our council members have also determined that an area off of Holly Dr, North of the 205 overpass, is a perfect spot for a homeless shelter (is this because it’s far from their neighborhoods?)…did anyone consult the residents that live here? After all, we are the ones that will be affected again.

How about instead, as someone mentioned to me, that we make the newly vacated DVI a homeless shelter?? The buildings, plumbing, electricity, kitchen and offices for counseling and drug rehab are already there. Why do we need to build something new, spending millions of dollars when we can repurpose? Could this be an option?

In the meantime, people that don’t live in this area, quit “donating” your discards to these folks. It ends up as garbage on our streets. We don’t like it. Give them a garbage bag instead… and if you think I’m being heartless, invite this tent community to reside in your park.

Jennifer Owens, Tracy

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I agree! I don't live near this park, but took a drive there recently to see what it was like. Needless to say, I was shocked! It's appalling that the City of Tracy has allowed this park to be overtaken like this and that tax paying residents who live 50 yards cannot use their own park and must suffer the effects of declining home values. I think it's time for City leadership to invite the park residents to their neighborhoods!

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