I have lived in Tracy for over 20 years now and as a resident of this awesome city I honestly believe that Councilmember Mateo Bedolla represents the worst kind of inner-city politics that Tracy has ever seen.

Sadly, I supported and campaigned for Councilmember Mateo Bedolla, and now I and many others are calling for him to step down.

Councilmember Bedolla has consistently sided with our embattled Councilmember Veronica Vargas, and literally has catered to the big developers that are decreasing the standard of living in Tracy. During Bedolla’s campaign he stated that it was “time we had an outside candidate to challenge real estate backed elected officials corrupted by bribes.” It’s clear that Bedolla stands with those same corrupt people. What a shame.

Bedolla has said publicly that he is surprised that so many people are calling for his resignation. He seems bewildered by the fact that people are upset about his stated intent to run for State Assembly in 2022, within a mere 60 days after being sworn in as a member of our city council without having done anything notable for his constituents.

Many residents put their trust in Mateo, but it appears clear that the lure of big development money is too much for him to handle. Perhaps he intends to leverage those interests for his assembly run.

The citizens of Tracy certainly deserve more than this. Mayor Pro-Tem Vargas has received two FPPC rulings against her in recent months, and her husband, a convicted felon (all public record). It’s very disappointing that Mateo Bedolla has chosen to align himself with these people, over the needs of the citizens of Tracy.

Councilmember Bedolla represents the worst kind of politics- Selling out his supporters to further his political aspirations and personal agenda. Tracy deserves better.

Ubbo Coty, Tracy

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