Vote “Yes” on Recalling Newsom. This is not a partisan Republican recall, it is recall of an elitist, incompetent, tyrannical Governor.

As to his handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic. All he did was ruin businesses and keep our children out of school. Of course, his children did not miss their education. He continues to fear monger businesses to enforce mask and vaccine mandates or he will shut the State down again. Don't kid yourself, if he isn't recalled he will lock down the state again. He isn't afraid of Covid spreading or he wouldn't allow untested, unvetted illegal immigrants to cross into California and now untested and unvetted Afghan refugees. He just likes his “emergency powers” to force us to wear masks and get vaccinated.

How can our economy be making a strong comeback when citizens and businesses are leaving. We lost a seat in the House of Representatives because of citizens leaving.

People and businesses are leaving because of how the homeless have taken over our State. Trash and tents are everywhere. California's violent crime rate is 21% higher than the national average and this is due to this Governor's and his Legislators' policies.

California is again dealing with massive forest fires and horrible smoky air because Newsom did nothing to get rid of the dead trees.

In 2014, Californians approved a $7.5 billion dollar water bond to be used for increased water storage projects, so where are the new and/or improved dams to get us through droughts? He has nothing to prepare for droughts.

We need to break the Democrat party's stranglehold on California. It has done nothing to improve this State or the lives of its citizens. Vote YES to recall Newsom and then vote for Larry Elder to replace him.

Paula & Michael McKague, Tracy

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