Regarding Goldie Hineman’s response to my original letter, I’ll say this. I didn’t use any particularly big words the first time around. I didn’t question the overall worth of 4-H, or even remotely go into areas such as woodworking, sewing or cake decoration. All I said was there is something morally questionable — I’m really holding back on what I’d rather say — about convincing an intelligent animal with feelings that it is loved, then quickly abandoning it in the horrific process of slaughter. I can’t explain it any further without repeating myself. You either get it or you don’t.

Carl Dellano, Tracy

4-H teaches valuable lessons — Goldie Hineman
Why must this show go on? — Carl Dellano

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Goldie Hineman

While I appreciate your compassion for animals, I just wanted to let you know that we raise our animals as livestock, not as family pets. We feed, water and spend time teaching them to be calm and manageable. We encourage our members to raise their projects in the most humane way and yes we also educate them on how they will be slaughtered and processed for consumption. Education is what its all about. If your concerns are about deceiving kids into thinking this your buddy and boom then he is gone, that is not how 4-H and FFA works. If your concern is about not eating animal products, then you have the rest of the world to change. Good Luck!

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