On behalf of the board of directors of East of Eden Rescue, we object to the unfair and inflammatory accusations directed at our organization at the City Council meeting on Aug. 20. During the comments section, a city employee claimed the Tracy Animals Deserve Better Facebook page contained threatening and derogatory posts regarding the Tracy Animal Shelter, and implicated EOE as a result.

EOE has been a part of the Tracy community for close to 20 years. Our mission statement reads, in part:

• Improve the welfare of companion animals in our service area, including rescue/adoption.

• Provide behavioral and medical rehabilitation for animals in our program, establishing best practices for these procedures.

Thus, our mission centers on rescue/rehabilitation, and we have remained true to these principles. The Tracy Animals Deserve Better Facebook page is an entirely separate entity, with content not endorsed by EOE. We have reviewed these comments, and grilled our volunteers. None of these objectionable statements were from our volunteers. Instead, they seemed to originate from concerned Tracy citizens and random posters from outside the area. We assume any credible threat would have been investigated further, but are unaware of any follow-up actions. Furthermore, this employee failed to mention that there is an opposing Facebook page, Tracy Lost & Found Pets, on which pro-shelter advocates verbally attack and attempt to discredit EOE volunteers and individuals interested in shelter reform. Finally, one of our supporters was physically threatened by shelter volunteers.

All this distracts from the issue that there are serious deficiencies in the operation of Tracy Animal Shelter. Leaving aside the particulars of the two cases discussed during the meeting, the dogs’ owners and rescue volunteers received shabby, borderline abusive treatment by the shelter employees. Perhaps the negative local comments reflect long-standing dissatisfaction with the shelter procedures.

Linda Miller, Modesto

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