I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Langley's commentary that appeared in the Tracy Press concerning the shameful events that occurred in our Nation's capital on January 6th. The right to protest does not give one the right to engage in conduct that seeks to undermine the rule of law upon which this country was built and has flourished for over 200 years.

As a nation, we must remain vigilant against extremists that wish to use violence, be they from the left or the right, to destroy the principles upon which this county was founded and turn this country into, as what former president George W. Bush alluded to in his comments condemning the storming of the Capitol last Wednesday, a "banana republic."

Those that attacked the Capitol, egged on by a narcissistic, self-centered chickenhawk who said he would march with them to the Capitol but instead hunkered down in the safety and comfort of the White House, will be afforded their rights as they are prosecuted for their actions - the right to legal counsel, the right against self incrimination, the right to being presumed innocent, and the right to a jury trial.

I hope that as they are afforded these rights, they come to realize that they should thank the almighty Lord that they live in the America that believes in the rule of law which they were attacking. If they had done what they did in a place like Russia, China, Iran or North Korea, they would have been shot down like dogs in the streets.

Steve Nicolaou, Tracy

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