“… Barn you got to stop.” Classic Andy Griffin TV show character Gomer Pyle to officer Barney Fife after Barney commits the same offense he just cited Gomer for.

I’ve noticed the theme between the dominant [see add’l below] (Fife) and not (Gomer) is who’s the uppermost? The higher up the ladder the more mealy-mouthed the politico’s excuse. Newsom Gov. D-CA (my fav whipping boy) states, “What I should have done ….” You didn’t so who cares! With “mea culpas” uttered by politicos everywhere, far too many “betters” ignore their rules. Jeez, obedience makes me feel warm & fuzzy.

Soylent Green (1973 movie Ref) for Soylent Red & Yellow days we now have something similar in the COVID Tier colors replacing the Soylent Day colors. (Getting there). “Today is Soylent Green (Purple Tier) 5pm-8am.” Take out only. No indoor dining, no matter the weather. If you played the game Twister…

A City Department Head, whom BTW I really respect, said (my version), “I know this sounds clichéd, but we really are all in the this together.” I responded, “If you get a steady paycheck, WE ARE NOT ….” As a small business owner your expenses only somewhat vary, your income can vary widely for differing reasons. I have friends and family receiving steady paychecks. Do I resent them, no. Do I wish I’d have made other choices? I didn’t. No use crying over spilled milk.

In today’s Press edition 12/18/20 of the Police Log: Man seeking female dominant pays with bad check. Note, either the man or his check was really, really bad and needed a spanking …. Hence, the bad check. Hah, if he’d have just gotten married he’d have been dominated as part of the relationship and why is it always about men? Uh, because women are dominators? Seems like circular logic.

Dale Cose, Tracy

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Your check bounced again Dale?

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