Pictures from Governor Newsome’s lobbyist friend’s birthday feast with the two medical lobbyists in attendance show no one had masks, practiced social distancing or displayed concern for COVID-19. Odds of dying from the Covid- unclear. Depends on whose numbers are used. If they’re unconcerned then the same with me because they know best.

What it takes to be invited to sit at their table.

13,445 Californians have an ultra-high net worth of +$30 Million (CNBC). Since we only read about millionaires having net worths of +$100 million (trying to estimate the number of large donors in California) about 7K (Investopedia), adding the elected glitterati; Governor, Lt. Governor, State AG, Secretary of State, 2 CA State Senators, Assembly Speaker, local politicians with enough political clout and their partners etc., maybe another 100. Add another 100 top lobbyists with their companions and table size does matter. 40,000,000 CA residents divide by 8,000 who’s who. You have a 0.0002% chance of an invitation. More chance of getting COVID. Per its website a French Laundry dinner starts at $850 without drinks.

Newsome’s non-apology, “What I should have done is got up, went home…,” but you didn’t so more meaningless pronouncements. You knew you were going to attend the dinner though the pictures show no need by anyone to conform. “It was an outside room....” The doors were probably closed that night because weather in Yountville at 6 p.m. showed 53º F. I dined outside last Saturday night. It was 50º F in Tracy. My teeth were chattering. The female Newsome bash attendees did not appear to have coats on. Have the ladies or men in your group ever commented on the room’s temperature?

Governor, clearly you think little to nothing of us but know that if enough voters resent it we’d look forward to your recall.

Dale Cose, Tracy

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