I have been an educator in Tracy Unified School District since 2011. Since that time, I have seen many changes in our district. Never have I seen a situation as dire as the one we now face. For this reason, I am urging all voters in our Tracy community to vote for Jill Costa and Jeremy Silcox for the Board of Trustees in TUSD. They both have demonstrated time and time again that they are dedicated to making decisions that are best for the students, families, and community of TUSD. They have the experience and wisdom that is so desperately needed in this challenging time. As current board members, they have gone above and beyond to look out for the needs of students and their families, as well as the staff of TUSD.

Trustee Costa and Trustee Silcox are the only two candidates being endorsed by the Tracy Educators Association, which consists of nearly 700 teachers, which tells you something about their commitment to the students and staff. In these challenging times, we need dedicated, experienced board members like Trustee Costa and Trustee Silcox. We need people at the helm who know what they are doing, not new inexperienced individuals who promise guarantees that they won’t be able to deliver. This is not a time in which we can take the risk on someone new, who may or may not be a competent leader. We know Trustee Costa and Trustee Silcox can lead; we have seen them do so many times during their time serving on the Board of Trustees in TUSD.

Please join me in voting for Jill Costa and Jeremy Silcox for the Tracy Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Christopher Munger, Tracy

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