I’m a founding member of the Patriot Coalition of American Citizens. This is a Tracy based Coalition that now has over 1,100 members. We are a Tracy based coalition of business owners, local leaders and concerned citizens. You can find the Patriot Coalition of American Citizens on Facebook to find out more about us.

I have a few words to say about who our coalition is supporting for our new City Council and Supervisor.

We’d like to see a new team that is cohesive and will help our city make progress into the next decade.

This is who we believe Tracy’s Dream Team is:

Jass Sangha as Mayor - Jass has proven to be incredibly accessible. Jass will answer questions directly and does not mince words. She believes in building Tracy the correct way and is not beholden to developers and special interests.

Eleassia Davis for City Council - Eleassia has a hard work ethic and a personality that will allow her to make relationships and make progress with everyone. Eleassia has also been incredibly accessible and open.

She’s willing to answer the hard questions with direct answers. She’ll be a perfect match for our new City Council.

Mateo Bedolla for City Council - Mateo is young and will represent a new generation of Tracyites. He’s solid on the issues and believes in well planned growth. Mateo as well has proven that he is not beholden to any special interests. He’s got a strong work ethic and the right personality to work well with Jass and Eleassia.

Robert Rickman has not only earned the Supervisor position but he’s the perfect person for the job. Rickman has proven time and time again that he puts our community before any special interests.

Tim Silva, Tracy

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