The amount of "pollution" this election has generated has been astounding, and I'm not referring to the nonsense that the politicians were spewing. I'm referring to the amount of advertising that the candidates have generated and the effects on "my" environment.

The first one is TV advertising which made holding the remote in my hand during shows mandatory so that I could hit the mute button and wait until the political advertising disappeared from the screen.

The second was the amount of signs throughout Tracy. I know that Tracy isn't Yosemite Valley, but I would like to have been able to drive at least a 1/2 mile without having my eyes assaulted with signs. I don't know how many of you have been on South Tracy Blvd near the ACE station but there is a huge weed-covered field. All the advertising on that field made me long for the weeds.

The third is jammed mailbox. Every time I picked up my mail since late September I had to first stop at the garbage bin to sort through the political garbage that I would then toss in the bin. I have no idea how many poor trees met an untimely death to further this barrage of advertisements.

The last and the one I find most annoying are the robocalls. Every day since late September my landline has had at least one robocall from some political hack and on numerous occasions there were 3 or 4 a day. I am on the No Call Registry but the politicians made an exception to this law for politicians. What really irritates me is that this exemption was supposedly made to insure free speech but it only insures the political candidates’ free speech, not mine. I can't tell a robocall to drop dead or give some other critical comments.

John Doherty, Tracy

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