Jefferson’s The Declaration of Independence, "In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms ..." from July 4, 1776. Skip 244 years to 2020, your “betters” are laughing and not behind your back. Some people have elected to receive in the no-win game of Wuhan-flu fatality reductions. Go along with the capricious rules and you’ve lost for sure. Fight the kakistocracy, government by the least qualified or the worst, and possibly win.

Most restaurateurs do not like the Covid-19 conditions imposed and are concerned about being shut by Code Enforcement, Health, or losing their liquor license while customers aren’t sure what’s next. Rules are constantly revised, then Lockdown’s endlessly re-imposed. Restaurant operations; Open or closed? Seat inside or outside? If outside flies, ambient noises, cold, hot, humidity? Inside, 25% of maximum capacity? Mask, social distancing and/or temperature checks required? Restrooms unavailable or possibly? Dine-in or only to go? Limit staff or call-in because it may get busy? Any staff left or most laid off? Enrolled in Paycheck Protection Program but found no lender would lend? Limited or full menu? Q-Code or paper menus? Scarcity of tips vs bills to pay? Small businesses and employees are exhausted by a multitude of variations. Still, made some profit? One restaurateur showed me a demand from the State of more than $280 for a 3¢ error. Equitable?

(NBC26/CDC Estimate). Survival Rates; 0-19 Years 99.9, 20-49 Years 99.9, 50-69 Years 99.5, 70+ Years 94.5. Your mileage may vary due to personal health factors.

Skydiving’s tamer by comparison. Will people perish? Undeniably. But do constituents have to be treated as rubes by politicos? Yes. As NYC’s ultra-rich Leona Hemsley famously avowed, “Rules are for the little people.” Before 1776 our British overlords acted with impunity while our Constitution does not allow that. “We will never, ever surrender.” A great quote. Also, read “Last Stands - why men fight when all is lost” 12/1/20 by Michael Walsh. (Okay, women fight too).

Dale Cose, Tracy

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