Gather round, friends and fellow Tracyites, as Uncle Dave shares some thoughts about the November congressional election (now only 66 days away).

Times have changed a lot since I was a boy — and sadly people seem to have their own versions of what’s right and wrong.

We need leaders who know right from wrong. So, for the sake of the children, I would ask you to vote for Republican Ted Howze, instead of Nancy Pelosi’s pal Josh Harder.

It’s not just that Harder wants to arrogantly end all private health insurance. It’s not only that Harder is fine with letting noncitizens vote in local elections. And it’s not only that he’s fine with abortionists murdering babies who survive abortions.

This is a gentleman who is not a man of his word. After promising that he would work with Republicans and saying his heart was broken because Republicans and Democrats rode in separate buses to Capitol Hill in January 2019, he has been abusively partisan.

Harder voted for the most hyperpartisan impeachment of the last 150 years — an illegitimate, party-line impeachment that reeks to this day.

If you want to know how much the Democratic House stinks, think about this: A GOP congressman proposed a resolution to call for justice for George Floyd, support peaceful protests, condemn the riots and looting, urge the restoration of peace and order, and oppose defunding the police.

Here’s the resolution. Read it for yourself. No Democrat, including Harder, supported this resolution. Harder has to vote like his party tells him.

Since Harder can’t condemn riots, support peace and order, and oppose defunding the police, let me be clear: Josh Harder is a disgrace and must be removed from office. So says Uncle Dave.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

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