Last month the Tracy Press printed a letter of mine where I described the history how the Republican Party was able to convert the southern states from a century of complete Democratic Party dominance to a region that since 1964 has been reliably red. It was the result of what historians call “the Southern Strategy”, a purposeful adoption of policies by the Republicans to flip the South. It was extraordinarily successful.

Dale Cose responded to my letter (Your Voice, Oct. 16) in a disorganized stream-of-consciousness scribble. I suspect that most people would have deemed the letter “unreadable” and would have moved on to the obituaries. But I persisted, since my name was addressed, to where Dale said that the Southern Strategy reference was “make believe.”

Dale refers to a map he saw on Wikipedia to support his opinion. But here’s an oddity. If Dale consulted Wikipedia, why didn’t he look up “the Southern Strategy”? If he had, he would have found an article of several pages with a hundred footnotes and a bibliography of a couple of dozen books and articles. That’s a lot of “make believe” – or not!

Anyone interested in measuring the distance between Dale Cose’s opinion, and reality, can Google “Wikipedia” and then type “Southern Strategy” in the search bar.

Mickey McGuire, Tracy

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