Measure Y misinformation


Measure Y has generated an amazing amount of misinformation.

First of all, the Tracy City Council has already created a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Zone.

Measure Y addresses the Measure A housing limit of 600 units per year and some broad concepts of what development in the TOD will be like.

So, why do we need to create a Measure A exemption for the TOD? The Valley Link will cost in the neighborhood of $3 billion to complete. There is about $700 million identified so far. That leaves $2.3 billion. Where is that money going to come from? State and Federal dollars are the only way large transportation projects get built. The State and Federal governments prioritize TODs for transportation dollars. To get those dollars the Valley Link has included a TOD policy that includes zoning, design standards, parking policies, and station access plans. Also, station area plans must meet or exceed a minimum threshold of 2,200 housing units. There is no time requirement for when those units are to be built. We only need to be able to build them.

A good funding example is our Transit Center at 6th and Central. It is a $12 million dollar building that cost the City of Tracy about $200,000. The State of California funded the balance.

There are always fears about city planning and the changes it can bring. I have heard worries about infrastructure, parking, and circulation. Infrastructure (and cleanup) costs will be paid for by development, a three-story parking structure is planned for the parking lot to the north of the Transit Center, and MacArthur will join with 4th Street to route traffic through downtown.

I ask you to consider the possibilities the Valley Link and a TOD can bring to Tracy – high paying jobs, improvements to our downtown, and the number one reason - an alternative to driving the Altamont.

Please Vote Yes on Y.

Pete Mitracos, Tracy

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