I’m tired of the City constantly trying to go around Measure A and stuff more people into town.

Measure Y is a land grab by developers and circumvents measure A. It has nothing to do with transit. Saying it will “ease commute” is SO deceptive. How does stuffing 2,200 more units downtown “ease commute” exactly?

Suppose this does pass and the rail decides not to come? Then what? What about the commute then? It’s a TERRIBLE measure for the residents of Tracy. But of course in true Tracy fashion, we will continue to sell our souls for gain of developers.

I watched the City Council on Oct. 6. I heard concerned residents say: “This TOD does not guarantee the train will come to Tracy, but will guarantee more housing. We have no amenities to offer our residents. And yes, it will guarantee more traffic. This is clearly going around Measure A.”

Developers will build more housing in and around downtown, for the next 5 to 6 years . But when will the train come? 2029/2030? I am all for the Valley Link and offering commuters an alternative to driving the Altamont each day, but unfortunately, this is NOT what this measure does. Councilwoman Vargas herself said the City does not determine the train stop.

Also, why would a commuter train BYPASS Tracy if we are the second-largest city in San Joaquin County, the gateway linking the Bay Area to the Valley? They would bypass us because we don’t want to build 2,200 units in a town with population over 94,000 residents? Does that make sense to anyone?

Measure Y only GUARANTEES more residential building that taxpayers will ultimately fund. I hope residents are as outraged as I am. VOTE NO on Measure Y

Juan Soto, Tracy

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