As a school board member, decisions should be made that make the most positive impact for students (parents), staff, and facilities, in that order. Jeremy Silcox has a proven track record of doing exactly that. This is the single most important reason that we should vote for Mr. Silcox.

I have known Jeremy for well over 30 years and I have had the privilege of working with him for the past two years as coaches at West high school. Besides his obvious commitment to his family and helping to shape young men of character on the field and off. Jeremy is passionate about his civic duty to help guide Tracy Unified School District navigate the precarious and unpredictable road ahead. He will always choose the path that is in the best interest of students first and foremost. That is why Jeremy Silcox must be on the Tracy school board.

Charles Spikes, Tracy

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This man, Jeremy Silcox, made it clear he does not care about students or their families when he voted to reopen the schools and to see what happens. He claimed he didn’t have any good reason not to open up the schools due to the lack of guidelines, even though the governor just issued guidelines limiting gatherings to just 3 households. If even one student, staff or family member becomes ill and needs to be hospitalized or dies, it will be one too many and could have been avoided. His decision will inevitably be responsible for the increased spread of a deadly virus within our community. Please do not vote for this man who lacks the knowledge to make sound excisions based on data and who clearly doesn’t listen to the community as he voted on this issue prior to listening to community comments. Same goes for Jill Costa, she was laughing at the meeting about how she shouldn’t be worrying too much about the decision’s consequences as it was out of her control and she could get grey hairs. Do not vote for Silcox, Costa, or Alexander! No life is expendable and everyone in the community will feel the impact of this foolhardy decision.

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