As a person who has driven for Uber and Lyft I would like to say that Prop 22 is a bad deal for drivers. We will not be making above minimum wage. In fact we will get less as the driver has to pay for all his gas and maintenance and the formula that this Prop uses does not include depreciation on our vehicles and in fact this Prop is paid for by Uber who is spending millions to get it passed.

It will redefine what an Independent Contractor is and that definition will only apply to Ride Share App companies. It is designed to continue the way Uber and Lyft treats the drivers and get around the expense of Bill AB5 which will force Uber and Lyft to either call drivers employees and pay them as such or really let drivers be independent.

For the last 3 years my net pay has been reduced over and over by Uber who have taken a greater percentage of the ride fee as I watch my pay drop.

Proposition 22 is hurtful to drivers and only helps Uber rake in billions.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

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