Over 15 years, I have seen many changes in T.U.S.D. We used to be a district that teachers and parents bragged about. Now we are a district losing good teachers to surrounding districts. Many parents are frustrated with the lack of leadership from the school board. I am one of these parents.

I have needed to be an advocate for my son who has special needs. I’ve had to fight to get services for him. Every step of the way I have been met with resistance from board members. Instead of being a partner, T.U.S.D. became a roadblock to getting my son the help he needed.

When I contacted board members with questions, I was ignored and seen as difficult. My son was placed in a program that didn’t meet his needs because our district didn’t want to spend the money on a mild to moderate program for students like him. Decisions are made based on the cost of services, not on what is best for the child. I know that cost has to be a factor, but it shouldn’t be the basis for deciding what resources a child needs to succeed. Board members don’t communicate well and they get defensive when asked questions rather than working to find solutions.

Both incumbents are telling us they have experience and that is why we should vote for them. They have experience in hiding money and not preparing students for the skills they will need for their futures. It took a pandemic to finally get devices for students when the money was there all along. We need to vote for people who understand the needs of our students and are willing to fight for them to get the services they need. VOTE FOR ZACH HOFFERT AND ANA BLANCO!

Brandi Hoffert, Tracy

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