On Friday the 7th of February, I read the Tracy Press and I started to read the Your Voice section and read two letters regarding our Mayor Robert Rickman and what they thought about his views on the homeless in Tracy. Robert Rickman has served this community for years as a sergeant for the California Highway Patrol along with two terms as mayor. When he took office, we finally had someone that grew up in this community, work in this community and watch this community change from a small town to a Bay Area bedroom community. With that change came crime and a lack of participation in the old-time Tracy values. When it comes to the homeless, open your eyes, most of these people are bused in from outside areas because they make more money panhandling here. They don’t care about Tracy itself, only what benefits them. There are many resources out there for them but they choose not to use them because that would require them to get clean off drugs and opportunities to make their lives better. Have any of you taken a day to help clean up after them? I have and what you would see might surprise you. I’m sorry but most homeless don’t want to help themselves and would just rather take a handout and get by. Robert Rickman has done a lot of positive things since being mayor, and with his law enforcement experience and seeing firsthand the changes that have happened with the growth of Tracy, I applaud him. All you people complaining maybe should get involved and again you will find that most homeless people don’t want to change! They don’t want responsibility, they just want our handouts.

Pam Griffith, Tracy

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