• (TheGatewayPundit 12/13/20) This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses. We was snookered while Trump was slimed! (Shaking head) Yes, it is illegal but nobody care (sic) (Now nodding). Previously estimated 2.2 million deaths to 9,210 actual. (Get Smart Don Adams 60s TV Ref) ‘Missed it by that much’. A mask, my kingdom for a mask, shelter-in-place lockdowns, cancel Christmas, and many dollars later, oh, my bad… never-mind.

• (Pymts.com) About 33% of US small restaurants could permanently close from COVID-19 restrictions.

• Restaurants Famous Dave’s & Helm’s Ale are both closed although they also had more challenges than just COVID. The Press Wine Bar is For Sale. Currently, there is no indoor seating for drinking or dining allowed and NO STUDIES OR DATA supports the restrictions imposed, excepting, “Because I said,” which isn’t exactly scientific.

• At #48 of 50 states, California restaurants are responsible for 1.2% of COVID-19 transmissions (statista.com) which from the 1st item is shockingly far-off. “Well doesn’t matter, we’ve got a job to do and by God, we’re still going on with the theater!”

• (Candice Owens tweets re NJ Atillis Gym owner’s sign to NJ Governor Murphy) “Free men don’t ask for permission, or forgiveness,” while it’s been noted husbands do ask.

• WWII General McAuliffe’s replied ‘NUTS’ when Germans, surrounding his army, demanded his surrender at Bastogne, France. I’d have offered them a German not-so-kind phrase.

• (Lauren Boebert tweets) “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” - Ronald Reagan, “We are that generation.”

• Prime Minister Winston Churchill notably said, “We shall never surrender” and followed through.

• Our California State motto Eureka! Translation: I have found it! Or where Newsom and his cronies go to swig and feast without the serfs meddling.

• John Paul Jones did not say, “I have not yet begun to quit!”

• (Marine Chesty Puller actual Quote, Chosin Reservoir, North Korea, 1950) “The enemy have us surrounded, they won’t get away this time.”

• Per a recent Tracy Press article, more business owners are refusing to comply. How very American, because every Enforcement anywhere I’ve worked said, “All we want is compliance.”

Dale Cose, Tracy

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