I read an article in the Oct. 9, 2020, edition of the Tracy Press, “Arriola supports Measure Y as a way to boost the value of Valley Link and for the potential for it to bring jobs and affordable housing to town. He added that voter approval is a key component” (2000 Excerpt from the ballot ─ Measure A would be effective immediately upon passage and remain in force unless amended or repealed by the voters).

Then I read this on the City of Tracy website; it describes Measure Y with numbered questions: “14. Is the City of Tracy advocating for Measure Y? No, the City is prohibited by law from advocating in favor of the measure.”

Then I looked up “advocate” in Merriam-Webster Dictionary. One of three definitions for “advocate" says, “one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group.” This leads me to question, who is the City of Tracy? I assume it is its employees and representatives, as well as elected officials. It might be safe to say that Councilman Arriola may want to rethink his public support of Measure Y; it may be construed as advocating for Measure Y.

“2. Why is there a transit-oriented development measure on the ballot? Measure Y exempts up to 2,200 residential units in each TOD area from the annual limit, which requires voter approval.” “4. Does the ordinance allow for more than 2,200 residential units to be exempted from multiple TODs?” If the City were to identify other TODs, the short of it is yes.

In another article in the Tracy Press, the proposed measure would seek to end Tracy’s slow-growth law. By Bob Brownne, June 14, 2019, summarizing this article: Mateo Bedolla wants to repeal Measure A.

So much to study. Vote for what is good for you.

Michael Gonzalez, Tracy

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