I have known Mr. Wampler for almost 40 years, since I was a member of the Planning Commission and he was a Tracy Press reporter. So, I wasn’t surprised to see in the paper that he was protesting the Election with the same lies that the outgoing President is pushing.

His hundred hours of research must have been reading tweets and watching Newsmax and OANN ... none of it based in facts or truth, just right-wing fever dreams and hatred.

Steve, your side is a mob that stormed the Capitol building and caused the death of (five) people. Like most of the other nonsense your side pushes, it is not based on ANY evidence. The proof of that statement is that none of the 60-plus court cases presented was found to contain any!

For months I have hesitated to take part in the comments in the Press, for the most part because some of the participants are so breathtakingly uninformed (to be kind) and guilty of deep and abiding hatred for those not like themselves. Reading about Steve’s “protest” shook me out of my lethargy.

After the mob attacked our government, and was apparently let go with a warning ... “don’t attack your government anymore, go in peace” ... lucky They weren’t black, huh?

Here’s some truth, for the new confederacy.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were elected, in a fair election that had the best turnout ever, as far as I can tell. They won by more than 7 million votes. Sure, the outgoing got plenty of votes, but not enough.

Get over it.

As Biden returns our government to a place that we can be proud of, the crybaby caucus, the un-American variety, storms the Capitol and waves the rebel flag. They should feel shame, but they cannot.

Arthur Caya, Tracy

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You need to stop watching CNN, MSNBC and the MSM

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