I am writing this letter in response to your recent articles and a letter to the editor that you have published attacking my husband, David Thoming, superintendent, New Jerusalem Elementary School District, and myself, for recent social media posts and comments.

These women, along with several disgruntled former employees of the district, chose to take a Facebook post that was CLEARLY about protecting our family and turn it into something to further their political agenda to feed the “cancel culture” movement, which looks to destroy anyone in power that does not agree with their political stance.

I don’t know one person that wouldn’t PROTECT their children and family at all costs, from any type of attack, do you?

These egregious lies have destroyed our family and now they are trying to ruin my husband’s lifelong career. Are you next?

I have dedicated my life to service for our community, spending countless hours volunteering in the district. They have defamed my character, slandered my name and called into question my integrity. All in the name of politics!

After everything we have done for, not only these families, but the community at large, these attacks are despicable and unwarranted. However, we still choose to look at the bright side of things.

We have received hundreds of letters, emails, text messages and phone calls, all supporting us. Strangers have sent letters and vowed their support. The way our community has rallied behind us has truly been amazing. We are overwhelmed with the amount of love we have received and would like to thank each and every one of you that have supported us throughout this extremely trying time. We appreciate you all, more then you will ever know.

Traci Thoming, Tracy

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Mrs. Thoming –

Where to begin? First off, the only people who have made this issue, political is you and your husband. Racism and violence are what they are; they are not political. Also, like we teach our children and students, you should know that what we post on the internet, even in a “private” forum, should be considered public. If you don’t want the world to know your business, beliefs, or politics, don’t go posting them on social media. Your husband has a public persona. What he says represents both his person and position. Therefore, when he responded to your post with a picture of a muscled man holding a machine gun and the statement, “This is what we’ve been prepping for”, he was promoting and condoning a type of violent action that is inappropriate for a school official to post. Like it or not, he represents the school at all times, whether he comments online "privately" or says something out loud in front of a crowd. Additionally, what you are not mentioning, is your exchange with Mrs. Pettis, a parent of several students in the district and a Facebook friend of yours, in that post. When she commented to you that, “Posts like this make it scary that our kids go to school under you guys.”, you did not attempt to clarify or explain your post to Mrs. Pettis. As you know, Mrs. Pettis is black and your insensitive post/comments were made during a time of heightened unrest within the black community. When Mrs. Pettis commented, it was the comment of a mother expressing her concern about the fears of her children. And you, her “friend”, someone she has known and trusted for several years, instead of explaining, comforting or apologizing (friends tend to apologize when they hurt another friend), you exerted the privilege and the power that your whiteness has endowed you with and essentially said, “If you (black family) don’t like what we (white people in power) have to say, then you can leave the school”. The fact that you don’t see or understand how your words were racist speaks VOLUMES about the person you are and what you believe. Finally, innocent people do not disable their Facebook accounts because of misconstrued posts. You and your husband shut your accounts down as soon the situation started to escalate. What were you trying to hide? What might have been found on those accounts that could have further damaged your reputations? I suppose we’ll never know but your actions are not those of a guiltless person.


This really sums it up beautifully! Thank you for this. Perhaps the Board members should see this. Maybe then they will do something/ANYTHING!


Mrs. Thoming,

I find it funny that you are playing the victim here. You fail to see that you and your husbands statements are harmful and hurtful. Instead of taking responsibility for your and your husbands comments you continue to justify and shift blame, like a typical narcissist. It becomes more and more clear that you don't care how you make others feel. You can blame politics, scorned former employees or whatever you want but your words tell the truth. I truly do hope your husband's career in education is destroyed. Whatever side you fall on about what you and he posted, anybody involved in education should be smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves when commenting on such a sensitive subject. He should hold himself to the standards the students of his district are expected to keep, and he hasn't.



"Beautifully written" and hits the nail on the head. Playing the victim only adds insult to injury.


This opinion by Mrs. Thoming doesn't even begin to address the numerous totally unprofessional posts that Superintendent David Thoming posted including him flipping the bird and smiling with his wife. And to state that they are grossly overpaid and top heavy in this district is an understatement. Please view this link to see the salaries. It's unbelievable! https://transparentcalifornia.com/salaries/2018/school-districts/san-joaquin/new-jerusalem-elementary/?page=1


What does his salary have to do with the posts from a private Facebook page ? 🤷‍♀️ The picture of David and Traci your speaking of was on their private page. I see nothing wrong with that picture whatsoever. All of this went from a post that was taken completely out of context to a personal attack on David and Traci from former parents and employees. Some of those employees have been gone longer than 10 years .


nternet = not private. Hello! First lesson we teach our kids. If only David has ever spent time TEACHING kids he might know better- but alas, he jumped to superintendent after just a few years (has to edit because I originally said one but it may have been 2 or 3) of teaching. Must be nice to be related to those in power. Also, I believe the salary issue proves they are not in it for the kids. Who would take that much money from a school ?!?!? That’s just insane. That money is for education not personal gain. So sad.


To be fair David did teach for a few years. I think to clarify that anybody that is in a position of power as superintendent of over 4000 kids and receiving the kind of money that he did which was taxpayers dollars should never have put what he did out there on Facebook which is not private no matter what you say! He needs to be fired or resign. Period.


Like it or not, he is a public official so there really is no "private". He is the Superintendent of a school district! He is supposed to be a role model for children. Really...that is the image he chooses to project?


Beautifully written, word for word !

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