Mr. (Mickey) McGuire:

Read your latest missive of 10/23/20 to the Press Editor, couldn’t help laughing. Glad you were able to find someone with enough acumen to interpret my comments to your "70’s Southern

Strategy" fairytale.

See my 5 points below Grasshopper (Points 1 or 2 may not be possible. IDK)

• Point 1. Web search The Smithsonian Museum discussing how Blue represented Republicans vs. Red for Democrats until NBC News changed them during the 1976 election run-up. Relevancy, the Wiki Map reference below is technically incorrect because of the Red/Blue coloration (though, a distinction without a difference).

• Point 2. Web search for the Wiki Map showing 1976 Southern voting by County is almost entirely blue for Jimmy Carter (who’s definitely no blue dog democrat).

• Point 3. Your response to my rebuttal of your "70’s Southern Strategy" is no less fanciful than your original, "This is Now," comment to Ms. Best.

• Point 4. Your letter neglected to address my accusation of your Ponzi scheme consisting of sending money to Washington to get 1.3 times back which isn’t possible because anyone involved with government funding wants a portion. Creative Writing appears to be your rage. Economics, not so much.

• Point 5. I’m still weeping for your ex-students. Note: I used the Wiki site because it’s a Progressive Liberal website (subject to most anyone changing anything at any time i.e. History).

Yours in disrepute,

Dale Cose, Tracy

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