I was reading my Sample ballot and voter information pamphlet. I am not going to waste your time. “VOTE NO ON Y.” 50% plus one is a ploy by the developer puppeteers that will not satisfy the needs of the community. Lining the pockets of the land owners and developers with 90% of the project proceeds and future project proceeds to benefit the developers and outside buyers, and I mean way, way out like China.

In 2002 when I purchased a new home in Tracy I was required to live in the home for one year as my primary residence. Today you can purchase a new home and rent it out the day after closing. Measure Y ending statement is that it was submitted by the City Council. My Sherlock Holmes skills are not that sharp but with all the WHEREAS and initialisms such as GMO, TOD, TMC, RGA, AAR, AMI, RHNA it smells lobbyist.

Then there is the City Attorney’s Impartial Analysis of Measure Y. To my surprise there is no “Argument Against Measure Y.” I guess the reason is because on page 28-37, lower-right corner it states ‘The people of the City of Tracy do ordain as follow.”

Being a people of the City of Tracy I guess they are speaking for me and you all people of Tracy. The meat and potatoes of my gripe is I believe it should be a two-thirds vote which supersedes a majority but is indicative of the true will of the people. 50% plus one should be the allocation of new housing projects. From each 10 built designate five affordable, market-rate, designate one. The people must demand it as a legacy for their children and a show of strength that outsiders with money can't buy their vote.

Michael Gonzalez, Tracy

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