Rickman and Young, thank you. I'm proud of you. Your words held truth, showed compassion and genuine concern. I respect that.

Ransom, Arriola, and Vargas, I wish I could say the same. Love of money and power, and fear of judgment overruled your concern for people. You spoke of budget deficit and now local businesses are paying the price for your inability to manage money. Perhaps you need some pointers on prioritizing and spending within your means so you don't continue to land our city in financial disasters. Then you can begin to focus on caring about the actual needs of our community instead of selfish "needs" of our city.

You chose to form a committee to talk about the struggles of 240 businesses within the purple tier in our city. When? Talking solves what? You meeting with all 240 business owners and staff to hear each need? Planning to pay the expenses for each businesses so they can remain open and their staff remain employed? You going to provide help for each person on the brink of disaster -- mentally, emotionally, or physically because they can't care for their overall health with businesses closed, because to you they aren't essential?

You went home last night with job security. As a business owner, I didn't sleep. I worried how I'll survive, and how I'll keep my employees working so they can provide for their families. Our futures are uncertain, thanks to your choice.

Never in my life would I imagine I'd have to beg to go to work, to exercise, or go to church. Yet here we are. You could've made a difference. You could've stood up for businesses because you care more about people than dollars. But ... you didn't. You had the attention of many. You could've been leaders. You weren't.

Heather Smiddy, Tracy

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