For all of us who are upset about the abruptness and lack of courtesy sometimes exhibited by President Trump, there is but one suggestion to be made: Toughen Up.

We are living in a dangerous time where the leftist establishment in Washington is seeking power by any means. They have turned the mainstream media into a coordinated propaganda machine. Many of our schools have become indoctrination camps that ignore real history but instead teach a hatred for our nation. Our legal and justice systems have evolved into a two tiered arrangement where leftist elites and their cronies can commit whatever illegal absurdity with impunity, while places of worship are cited for worshiping.

This radical leftist establishment are seeking to steal the power from us, the American people. And just who is protecting our power, inalienable rights and individual liberties granted to us by the U.S. Constitution? It is none other than President Trump.

The leftist establishment is very upset about potentially having their gravy train swamps drained. They don't want to be asked tough questions, or to be prosecuted for their many abuses of power, and they don't want to lose their cushy positions paid for by taxpayers. What the left does want though is total power. Trump, however, wants to give the power back to the people, where it belongs. This is why there is such hatred for Trump from the radicalized left. The hatred from the left, however, is really for the American people because we hold the coveted political power Constitutionally. Trump is just taking the heat for us.

Limbaugh: "Here we have somebody elected to shake it all up and is exactly what's going on. This is what pushing back against the Washington establishment looks like. It was never going to be pretty." Stay Tough.

William Reeve, Tracy

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