My name is Jacqui Nott and I am President of Tracy Educators Association (TEA). TEA is the near-700 teachers that work for the Tracy Unified School District. Throughout my time as President, I’ve worked closely with Trustee Jill Costa and Trustee Jeremy Silcox.

I’ve also worked with other past and present board members. Some are good at their work, some are not. And some are phenomenal. Costa and Silcox fall strong center in this phenomenal category. Their jobs are complex. There is always someone tugging at them to fulfill their self-interest. Everyone wants what’s best until someone else’s wish for the best interferes with their wish for the best. It’s a tough gig – but Jill and Jeremy know the role and execute it in an exceptional manner.

As President of TEA, I am one who does some of that tugging as it is my job to represent the teachers working conditions and interests in the complex system of our school district. Trustee Costa and Trustee Silcox are experts at listening, engaging in productive conversation, and acting in the best interest of our students. Now that means when I am one of the people doing that tugging, I don’t always get exactly what I want. And I shouldn’t. That’s not how this is supposed to work. But what I do get is a sincere and expert ear listening to what the teachers have to say and sincere and expert action to address our concerns.

A teacher’s working conditions are a student’s learning conditions and Jill and Jeremy know that balance through tried and true experience. We are in turbulent times. Please elect the experienced veterans and admirable human beings that have gotten us this far and can see us through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jacqui Nott, Tracy

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