I wanted to express my concern over the lack of formal remote classes for students of the Tracy Unified School District. While districts all over have moved online, my children were given generic, optional packets that have no connection to their existing coursework and will not be collected. While some of their teachers have reached out with optional coursework, it isn’t the same as a live class.

While I appreciate that not all students have the hardware and internet access needed to make this work, it seems like a surmountable challenge. With Comcast opening up their public hotspots for free, most people should be able to connect. If not, let’s ask internet and cellular providers to provide hotspot capability or even WiFi where needed around town.

In terms of devices, I suspect the total number of students without hardware is small and could be addressed through a loan/checkout program. I would be happy to donate to such a cause.

It is time we find a solution before the school year is over. All of the hard work our children have put in this year will be wasted if we can’t keep them moving forward with the correct curriculum. We should do more than toss out a few generic packets and throw our hands up.

Aaron Burg, Tracy

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