Has anyone noticed that many of the employees at our Tracy Post Office are very rude? I don’t generally get upset at employees because they are usually just doing their job. I try to follow rules, even when I don’t always agree, and treat others with the respect I like to be treated with. I also understand that we are living with a new norm now, and need to be patient.

However, for the second time yesterday, I got to the post office about a half-hour before closing. (I am 75 and have a couple of health conditions that make it hard to stand for a long time if the lines are too long. I also live 8 miles out of town.) So I got in line because I had a package I really needed. There were three people in front of me, but the lady they were helping took about 15 minutes. I was the last person in line. No one came out to say, you are the last person we can help, or anything. So I kept waiting, and as soon as I got to the door, they shut it in my face! I was so upset I started ringing the bell nonstop. Another lady who saw it said, “That was uncalled for.” So she said, why don’t you get in the other line (at the main service counter). She told them what had happened. They just nodded and let me wait in line 5 minutes or so and then said, sorry, we’re closed. Then I lost it! Everyone must have thought I was crazy. I feel really bad about that and had to ask God to forgive me. But really, aren’t we taxpayers paying these federal employees, and don’t they have any obligation to treat us halfway decently?

Sharon Saenz, Tracy

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