As I am writing this my daughter, a former Tracy High Student is crying. We just heard the vote from the Tracy High School Board members to begin the in-person hybrid schedule on Nov. 2. This vote took place without surveying teachers and parents since July about what they preferred. I also find it insulting to read public comments AFTER the votes had already been cast. These two things show me only a few voices have been heard and considered in this decision-making process.

While I respect the idea of providing parents and teachers options the timing appears off: Near the end of a quarter and at a potentially high-risk time of the upcoming holidays when COVID-19 cases could surge. Parents and teachers will be asked to make decisions about whether they will go the full distance learning or in-person hybrid path without seeing detailed safety plans. It was also made clear any students who choose to do distance learning will NOT be able to continue with any of the specialized programs such as sports, IB, GATE, AP, Space & Aeronautics, AVID, etc.

I think it is unwise to disrupt student learning weeks before the end of the semester. I go back to where I started… the district has not surveyed parents and teachers about what they prefer for their students and families in this hybrid model so how can any forward progress be made without this critical knowledge?

You may ask why my daughter is crying… her father is a teacher at Tracy Unified School District. She is worried and fearful about our family’s safety because of the lack of transparency about how students and staff will be protected when they return in just a few weeks. I can only imagine how many other children share my daughter’s concerns.

Melanie Alexandre, Tracy

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Thank for for bringing up the fact that the board is jeopardizing staff lives with this decision. No mater what safety procedures TUSD will say they are doing, the schools will not be safe.

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