One would think that responsible members of Congress, governors and the media would be condemning riots and looting as well as calling for peaceful solutions and order in the streets.

Unfortunately, when a Republican congressman from Florida introduced a resolution on June 27 to condemn George Floyd’s killing, support peaceful protests, condemn the riots and violence, support public order, and back funding the police, every single House Democrat, including Rep. Josh Harder, opposed the resolution.

This is absolutely pathetic. I would urge my fellow citizens to read the resolution: https://republicanleader.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/RESOLUTION_xml.pdf.

If that isn’t enough, the Democratic National Convention failed to even mention, much less condemn, the violence that has followed the Floyd protests and the subsequent surge in violent crimes.

On the last night of the Republican convention, a chief of staff to former Reagan Administration Attorney General Ed Meese, Mark Levin, described what happened:

“We attended the RNC on the South Lawn of the White House Thursday night. And when we departed the Democrat Party mob and rioters were violent, crazed, and organized. There were no peaceful protesters whatsoever.”

GOP Sen. Rand Paul and his wife were trapped by the same mob, fearing for their lives, but were saved by police. (See the Aug. 30 New York Post, “Ignorant mobs roaming the nation’s capital.”)

This is what the Post’s editorial board wrote: “Anyone encouraging and enabling these incidents is tearing at the very political fabric that holds the nation together.”

If Harder and his fellow Democrats can’t condemn rioting and violence, and want to wink at such fascist-like tactics, they deserve to be rejected at the ballot box.

Our alternative is to vote for Dr. Ted Howze for Congressional District 10, who supports law enforcement and won’t back defunding the police. It’s time for change.

Elizabeth Best, Tracy

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I agree, Josh Harder just voted against condemning riots and violence.

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