What is the amount of trash, tents, shopping carts, homeless encampments and dirty clothes that can be piled along Tracy Boulevard approaching the on ramp to 205 until the City of Tracy actually does something to try and get this cleaned up? That is the first thing you see when entering Tracy and the last thing you see when leaving. It’s a true reminder of just how downhill this town has gone.

How many foreclosed homes with squatters living there, selling drugs, car/mail theft and prostitution occurring in the home will be allowed to ruin our neighborhoods? The City of Tracy is aware that the house at 1518 Chester Drive, by one private school, two public schools and two churches is bank-owned, has been in foreclosure for over 1 year, has squatters living there turning the street into Auto Theft and Drug Haven Boulevard.

The City of Tracy turns their cheek to it all. Police cars there weekly and nothing is ever done to the occupants. People living in a trailer parked in the driveway surrounded by trash for the past 8 months and nothing is done. Recently the SJ Sheriff’s Department was there but the Tracy Police Department was not, not one police vehicle was there to aid the search or back the Sheriffs in the search efforts or to evict the squatters.

What must happen there for the City of Tracy to actually get their act together to do something about this? Come on Tracy, help out your citizens that live here. Stop protecting the thieves and start helping the people who are law abiding and pay taxes. Can’t we protect our neighborhoods anymore?

We cannot do it without your help City of Tracy. When is Enough, Enough?

Mary Williams, Tracy

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